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Customer Testimonials

"Barbara's paintings are charming and refreshing. Though her style could be considered classical, it embodies a fine, impressionistic aura. Her nature renditions are never banal. They evoke a deep appreciation of beauty of the earth around us, in a unique way."

~Mary Bielski, NY


"Barbara's artwork is extraordinary, vibrant and full of vibrant color. Her use of line and shape is a success in moving one's eye through the art piece. Brawo!"

~Gabriela, CT

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Barbara for many years and have followed her artwork and creativity. She puts passion and creative flare into all of her works. I personally have a few of Barbara's paintings, in my home. These abstracts bring life into the room and convey different meanings to everyone enjoying them. Barbara is an Artist who does beautiful work in all art styles."

~Patricia Fisk, IL


"Big, Big Pear caught my eye immediately. . .the beautiful shades of color and the big, big pear! Looking at it puts a smile on my face. I will enjoy it for many years to come."

~EAI, Chicago, IL

"Barbara, thank you very much for creating such beautiful artwork. I treasure each piece and have already put a sunflower plate on display in our home."

~Peggy N., Richmond, IL

"The custom Rooster you painted showed such vibrant colors and life! It has brought joy to the recipient ."

~BCD, Scottsdale, AZ

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